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Roof Sheeting

Technistrut (Pty) Ltd. sources its Roof Sheeting from a variety of reputable Roof Sheeting Manufacturers. We offer Roof Sheeting in a variety of finishes and profiles;

Pre-coloured Roof Sheets

We supply a large variety of pre-coloured roof sheets such as Chromadek, Colour Plus, Colour Bond etc. Pre-coloured sheets are durable, colour fast and Aesthetically Pleasing and can be supplied in various thicknesses and profiles. Pre-Coloured Sheeting is currently widely used by architects and home-owners to achieve a sophisticated modern look to their roofing projects.

Galvanised Roof Sheets

Galvanised Roof Sheeting is a continuously hot dipped zink coated sheets and was traditionally used for residential and commercial roofing projects. These ra the traditional shiny roof sheets that we became familiar with over the years. This finish in roof sheeting is still very applicable and can also be supplied in a variety of Profiles.

Sheeting Profiles

Technistrut (Pty) Ltd.  can supply the above-mentioned sheeting material in a variety of Profiles such as:

  • Corrugated Profile Roof Sheeting. Corrugated Roof Sheeting is Galvanizedor Pre-Coloured steel sheeting roll formed into an S-rib profile. This wavy corrugated profile is the most well-known profiled sheeting globally, commonly used to cover residential roofs, carports, sheds, etc. It is impressively strong due to the many curves shaping this profile to ensure maximal rigidity and an excellent cover width. Corrugated sheeting has an effective cover of 762mm after overlapping. Corrugated Roof Sheeting is highly fashionable in South Africa, filling some of the country’s finest estates as the preferred roof covering for homeowners. Because of its affordability, corrugated roof sheeting is also the first choice for roofing-solutions in low-cost housing projects, as well as home renovations.
  • IBR Profile Roof Sheeting. The Inverted Box Rib Sheeting is Galvanised or Pre-Coloured steel sheeting roll formed into a Box shaped profile. IBR Roof Sheeting is very popular in South Africa and has been used in residential and commercial buildings as well as carports and sidewall cladding. The Box shape gives IBR Sheeting excellent strengths as well as water handling capabilities and has an effective cover of 686mm after overlapping.
  • Widespan Profile Roof Sheeting. Widespan Roof sheeting is rolled into a very similar profile to IBR Sheeting with all the advantages that accompanies that profile with the added advantage that it covers 762mm after overlapping making Widespan a quality and affordable choice for any project. Widespan Roof Sheeting has been used in upmarket, luxury residential estates as well as large industrial buildings and everything in between.
  • Concealed Fix Roof Sheeting.  A modern take on the old favourites. Concealed Fix Sheeting is a concept whereby the roof sheeting is fixed to the purlins using a clip system. The effect is that the sheeting is not pierced by screws when fastening it to the purlins making it extremely waterproof and durable. Even though Concealed Fix Sheeting was originally designed for commercial roofing it has found application in the residential environment and renders a durable, watertight aesthetically pleasing finish.

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